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STUDIO J at Radio Chavura: 2013 Lag BaOmer Edition

Celebrate Lag BaOmer this year with Studio J at Radio Chavura and three of Colorado's most engaging and entertaining musical talents:

Hosted by Denver's own multi-talented singer and songwriter, Julie Geller.

Maybe it's the crisp mountain air. Maybe it's the snowmelt. Maybe it's the spiritual influence of our great Jewish day schools and educational programs. 

Regardless, it is undisputed that Colorado's Jewish musical artists generate a unique vibe - a special feel that distinguishes them from the sounds of other Hebrew and Jewish groups.

In February 2013, we launched Studio J at Radio Chavura, an all-music edition of our program.

Each edition of Studio J at Radio Chavura highlights bands that are channeling the Rocky Mountain energy and producing awesome, original Jewish music.  

Original Broadcast Date:  April 28, 2013
Photo:  Singer-Songwriter Julie Geller 

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Denver's Temple Emanuel: 2,000 Families, 138 Years, 1 Susie Sigman

On Sunday, April 21, we speak with Temple Emanuel’s dynamic director of membership and programming, Susie Sigman.

As the go-to person at Colorado’s largest and oldest synagogue, Susie manages a congregation that is larger than some cities in our state. And she does it with professionalism and plenty of ruach (spirit)!

Susie works tirelessly to ensure that members of Temple Emanuel feel at home and are part of a meaningful community. Susie tells us about Temple Emanuel’s many religious, educational, and social activities; the synagogue’s (quite musical) religious leaders; and the inclusive nature of Reform Judaism.

Radio Chavura is co-hosted by veteran reporter Dean Rotbart, and his son, Maxwell – both homegrown members of the Denver Jewish community.  The program is broadcast each Sunday on 990 KRKS AM in Denver.

Do you want to suggest a potential guest for the show or learn how to become a sponsor? Call Dean & Maxwell at 1-855-JEWISH-4 or email them at For more information, visit our website:

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Radio Debut: Two Talented Colorado Jewish Teens! 

This we speak with two outstanding students from the Jewish Student ConnectionGeorgie Seserman and Ben Weil

Georgie (who, in addition to playing five instruments, is a talented singer and songwriter) is a senior at the Denver School of the Arts and plans on attending the Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) next year. She aspires to a career in music education.  She uses the professional name Georgeta-Rae. 

Hear Georgie perform Outstretched Wings, an original composition.

Ben (who is a master of audio mixing and rap) is a junior at the Denver School of the Arts and is looking at attending Berklee College of Music or the California Institute of the Arts (Valencia, CA) when he graduates.  He uses the professional name Bdub$.

Hear Ben's rap mix, You and Me.

Georgie and Ben talk with us about their college and career aspirations, and explain how Judaism has influenced their lives and music. 

Rabbi Michael Sunshine, who serves as the regional director of JSC, joins Georgie and Ben on the program. Rabbi Sunshine was previously a guest on the October 21, 2012 edition, when he discussed how important Jewish Student Connection is to ensuring that our children in public schools maintain a solid relationship with their religious and cultural identity.

In making their radio performance debuts on Radio Chavura, Georgie and Ben also help us inaugurate our "We've Got Kisharon (Talent)!" Showcase.  We've Got Kisharon will regularly provide a broadcast stage to Colorado's talented Jewish young people - giving them an opportunity to share their special gifts with our growing audience of Jewish and non-Jewish listeners.

If you or a student you know has got "Kisharon," then we'd like to hear from you.  The student need not be a singer or musical artist. We're also interested in Jewish students with skills as actors and actresses, entertainers (of any variety), and even gymnasts and athletes.  

Send us an email at, and we'll consider you for a future broadcast edition of "We've Got Kisharon."

Interested in joining Jewish Student Connection (and scoring some really good Kosher bagels in the process)?  Contact Rabbi Sunshine "via smoke signal" or at

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