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Evergreen's Rabbi Levi Brackman  Helps Teens Identify Their Passions

Decades ago, cartoonist Gary Larson, creator of the popular "Far Side" comic strip, drew an image of two middle-class parents, watching their son play video games, and wishfully thinking that maybe - one day - he would find a high-paying job as a Nintendo or Mario Brothers player (because he clearly was incapable of doing anything else). 

Most parents of teenage children can relate to the disconcerting fear that their children will never find a passion that will translate into a fulfilling career.

Rabbi Levi Brackman, founder of the Denver-based Youth Directions, is determined to make sure that all teens find a meaningful path in life that fits their interests and talents.

Rabbi Brackman, who is the guest on this week's edition of Radio Chavura, started Youth Directions only four years ago, but has already transformed the lives of many young adults in Colorado - both Jewish and gentile - by giving them the "space" to discover their lives' purpose.

With a specific action plan, designed based upon his years of experience as an entrepreneur and community leader (both in the United Kingdom and the United States), Rabbi Brackman works with public and private school teachers to bring Youth Directions into their classrooms, helping students to learn about themselves in the safety of their own school.

Rabbi Brackman also serves as director and rabbi at Judaism in the Foothills, a dynamic, non-judgmental congregation at the base of the Rocky Mountains that Rabbi Brackman founded with his wife Sheindy in 2005.

To learn how to get your child involved with Youth Directions, or how to bring its curriculum of self-empowerment to your school, contact Rabbi Brackman at 303-462-5777.

To find out more about the amazing Judaism in the Foothills community, call Rabbi Brackman at 303-679-0613.

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