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STUDIO J at Radio Chavura: 2013 Lag BaOmer Edition

Celebrate Lag BaOmer this year with Studio J at Radio Chavura and three of Colorado's most engaging and entertaining musical talents:

Hosted by Denver's own multi-talented singer and songwriter, Julie Geller.

Maybe it's the crisp mountain air. Maybe it's the snowmelt. Maybe it's the spiritual influence of our great Jewish day schools and educational programs. 

Regardless, it is undisputed that Colorado's Jewish musical artists generate a unique vibe - a special feel that distinguishes them from the sounds of other Hebrew and Jewish groups.

In February 2013, we launched Studio J at Radio Chavura, an all-music edition of our program.

Each edition of Studio J at Radio Chavura highlights bands that are channeling the Rocky Mountain energy and producing awesome, original Jewish music.  

Original Broadcast Date:  April 28, 2013
Photo:  Singer-Songwriter Julie Geller 

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